Choosing Party Theme Favors That
Your Wedding Guests Will Love 

Party theme favors may not top your list of priorities when planning your wedding or determining your wedding budget, but they are still important items. You want your guests to know how much you appreciate them for showing up in your life and on your big day.

Party Theme Favors

You may decide to give special favors to each member of your wedding party, allowing you to spend a bit more than you would on ordinary favors handed out to all guests. The following guide will give you some ideas on how to select this type of wedding favor.

Think Functional

You don’t want to spend money on favors that are likely to find their way to the trash can or get left behind when your guests leave. If you purchase functional items that they can use in their daily lives, they will want to take them home and use them. This is important because you don’t want to waste precious budget dollars.

Some functional wedding favor ideas to consider would include:

  • Wine stoppers or bottle openers
  • Bookmarks
  • Plantable seed cards
  • Stemless wine glasses
  • Picture frames

You can buy all of these items in bulk at affordable prices for all of your guests, but think about taking it up a notch for members of your wedding party. If you purchase a bulk lot of beach-themed resin picture frames for all of your guests, select customized crystal frames for your wedding party. If you give plantable seed cards to all of your guests, select a more intricate collection of garden bulbs for members of your party.

Think Beyond the Theme

You may select theme-related favors for most of your guests, but you aren’t limited to that theme when picking gifts for members of your wedding party. Think about customized gifts that they can take home and use in memory of your big day. You may select the same item for each member of your party or come up with a unique idea that suits the personality and lifestyle of each individual party member.

If you want to step outside your wedding theme to offer a gift that shows your love for each member of your party, make a creative favor that captures that love. For example, you may purchase picture frames and insert pictures of you with each recipient. Select a favorite picture that represents a fun or memorable time you have had with each of those people, and insert it into the frame. Set the frame at their reception seat or present the frames to them after the wedding.

There are many wedding favor ideas that allow you to incorporate a special saying or even a picture. Those items are perfect for creating unique gifts that your wedding party guests will cherish forever. You don’t have to just include a name or monogram when personalizing a wedding favor. Even if personalization costs more on some favors, you can use personalized favors for those special members of your party and the same favors without personalization for the rest of your guests.

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