Summer Wedding Theme Essentials

I’ve listed 6 things to do if you have a Summer Wedding Theme. These will help you avoid unnecessary heat-related stress that can happen on a hot summer day. Instead you can think of all the great reasons to have a summer wedding: lots of sunshine, good weather days, beautiful colors and vacation time off work. And don’t forget the beautiful hum of crickets to serenade you and your wedding party towards the end of your perfect day! It really is a great time to have a wedding!

Summer Wedding Theme Essentials

Be prepared with Bride Essentials

  • Powder for your nose
  • Deodarant
  • Battery-powered fan
  • Water
  • Comfortable summer shoes

Have powder for your nose if you don’t like to glisten due to heat. Bring deodorant. Have a battery powered fan to cool you off in between pictures. Keep water nearby. Have dry shampoo if your hair tends to look greasy in the heat. Bring something cool and summery to slip into as you’re getting ready to leave. Have flip flop or something cool to change into if needed. 

Think {cheap} hydration!

Keep in mind that when it’s hot, your guests will drink anything and everything you provide {hint hint: open bar} so be sure to plan accordingly. Maybe wait to offer the open bar (or any other alcohol) until later to avoid high beverage costs. As for you and your main squeeze, it is easy to get caught up in the excitement and stress of the day, so be sure to drink water frequently! 

Provide hand fans for your guests.

Here is a great assortment of fans to choose from. Brides commonly count fans as the wedding favor for the guests, so it’s a win win! Your guests stay cool and you have been able to thank them for coming…all in the same purchase. 

Remember that things wilt in the heat.

For example, any flowers that people are holding or wearing will eventually look pretty drab after a couple hours in afternoon heat. Put bouquets in water every now and again. Consider ordering extra boutonnieres for the groom and anyone else you think may need to have a fresh looking flower for pictures or the ceremony. 

Give cold wedding favors to your guests.

There won’t be any question that these types of favors will be put to good use. For instance, you could have large pails filled with ice and cold bottles of juice with a cute message attached to each bottle. 

Research average temperatures.

This is helpful if you are traveling somewhere to be married and it can also help if you are planning your wedding during the cooler fall or winter months. Just to help you remember how hot it gets around the time of your wedding date! Especially when determining what time to do family photos, when and where to do the ceremony, etc.

Hope this helps your Summer Wedding Theme Planning!

I hope these tips help with your summer wedding planning! With just a little planning ahead, everything will go great and your guests will thoroughly enjoy attending your gorgeous wedding!

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