5 Beach Wedding Theme Essential To Do's

There are 5 steps you can’t ignore with a beach wedding theme. These are things I wouldn’t have thought of until I did my research!

And by the way, a beach wedding sounds heavenly right now. As I sit here, it is freezing outside. I think it may have even started snowing. Unless you already live by the beach, it is probably crappy weather for you, too! I cannot think of more adventurous and romantic way to start out married life than a beach wedding!

Brides have never-ending to do lists, so be sure these 5 steps get taken care of first. 

Carefree Beach Wedding

#1 Are permits required?

Once you have decided on a beach, be sure to find out what the rules are and if permits are required. Unless the beach is private, most beaches have some sort of informational page online that should give you contact information to get you in touch with the right person. 

#2 Decorations, Gear and Gifts

If you are taking the decorations and favors with you, use plastic bins or easy-to-use luggage for traveling. Make sure bins are secure with good packing tape. Call the airline to ask about policies regarding extra luggage so there are no surprises when you show up at the airport.

 { Maid of Honor Alert }

The first two items on this list are great tasks to delegate to your Maid of Honor!

Large, bulky gifts can be hard to travel home with. Ask a neighbor or family member staying back home if you can use their mailing address for packages and put it near your registry information on your wedding invitation as an option for guests. Also, take something to carry any cash you receive at your wedding so you can keep it safe.

#3 Flexibility

The ocean is beautiful and the weather is warm…too bad it isn’t more mindful of your wedding date! The good thing is usually bad weather clears up soon. If you plan for bad weather and you have some flexibility with your schedule, the day will turn out great! Travel sites have helpful information about best travel dates according to weather for your destination. This can help lower your chances of bad weather days, but maintaining flexibility will be key.

#4 Sweat the Small Stuff

Visualize your entire wedding day at the beach so you can think of how things will really work. For instance, are you OK with a long train on your dress dragging through the sand? If not, go with a light beach wedding dress. Next, think of high heels digging into sand…it may not work. Go shoeless or get some cute flip flops! This is just the beginning, think of how things will work for your guests as well. Sweat the small stuff now so you can enjoy the day that much more! 

#5 Read Reviews

If you are using a vendor, do your due diligence online before signing anything. Are there reviews available to read? Make sure the company is legit and reputable. Once you feel good about the company, be sure to get everything in writing in contract form and print everything out to take with you.

Work on getting these to-do’s out of the way so your beach wedding theme can be what it’s supposed to be: fun, relaxing and blissful!

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